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Looking for a ready-to-teach solution to use in the classroom? We’ve built role-based courses that teach core concepts and Salesforce technology through a series of slides and hands-on activities. These are free to use and will help prepare your students for roles in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Each course comes with curated Trailhead content (trailmix!), slides to use in the classroom, and a guide with tips on teaching, support, and sample course layouts. Want to see what one of the courses look like? Check out our course preview here. Once you’re ready to dive in, click on a course below to get started.

Salesforce Fundamentals

This course introduces Salesforce's products and how businesses use them, the Salesforce ecosystem, and career paths.

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Salesforce for Future
Sales Reps

This course covers important sales concepts, leads, sales cycles, tracking, and goal reporting.

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Salesforce for Future
Sales Managers

This course covers managing sales reps, territory design, forecasting, and reports & dashboards.

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Salesforce for Future Admins

This course covers customization, configuration, automation, reports & dashboards, and data security.

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Salesforce for Future Business Users

This course covers the basics of Salesforce, reports and dashboards, process automation, and more.

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Salesforce for Future
App Builders

This course covers data quality, automation, and building complex applications using clicks, not code.

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Salesforce for Future Services Managers

This course covers fundamentals including people management, soft skills, and Service Cloud.

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Salesforce for Future Business Consultants

This course covers consulting core concepts, platform basics, business operations, and more.

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Salesforce for Future Developers

This course covers how to customize applications declaratively with clicks and programmatically using Apex and Visualforce.

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Salesforce for Future Marketers

This course provides an introduction to marketing and the tools marketers use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of these resources?
There is no cost for you or the students. You are free to use this content in your classroom.

Does the course include access to Salesforce?
Yes, via Trailhead, students will complete challenges in a live Salesforce instance (we call them Trailhead Playgrounds) accessed via the module. Trailhead will even check the student's work in real-time so you know they're learning.

Can I view a sample of the course before I download the materials?
Yes, check out a preview of one of our courses here.

Will students earn some sort of certificate or credential?
Yes, students will earn a badge for completing each Trailhead module. In addition, some of our courses include a superbadge – a type of Salesforce credential. Think of it as a final project that provides students with a real-world example, stakeholders, data requirements and more and then asks students to build a solution. Students can list this credential on their LinkedIn or resume and is looked for by recruiters and employers.

How should I prepare to teach this course?
We want to make sure that you as an educator are trained up and able to answer students’ questions as well as connect the content they're learning with your other curriciulum. For this reason, it's important that you complete the entire trailmix for each course you plan to teach.

Can I use the Salesforce logo in my class marketing materials?
Access to these courses does not grant permission to use the Salesforce logo. If you are interested in using our marks, please check out the Trailblazer Workforce Partner Program program which allows use of a special mark in your marketing.

Where can I find out more?
Visit our Educator Help and join our Educator Group in the Trailblazer Community to ask questions.